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Laboratory products with security grade 4 (Part 1)

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In The Name Of God
Laboratory products with security grade 4 (Part 1)
Carrying out weapons and biological tests in the United States is not anything new and dating back to at least the 1930s. During the Cold War, thousands of American citizens became victims to “radiation” experiments at the Atomic Energy. Center and other government facilities, and even after the signing of the International Convention on the Prohibition of Laboratories and the. Production of Weapons and Biological Factors in 1972, the US government continued to do so and after September 11, 2001, it became a sudden and questionable big leap. In 2001, a document was obtained from Pentagon, U.S. Defense Ministry, showing that between 1962 and 1973, thousands of American soldiers were deliberately exposed to chemical and biological factors, such as nerve gas, Sarin gas, E-coli bacteria,Bacillus globigii bacteria,plague, and all sorts of chemical and biological experiments were performed on uninformed soldiers. The important point of the document was that the report was published “only two days after the 9/11 attacks” and at that time no one paid attention to it due to the conditions in the. United States after the events of 9/11 The year 1932 In this year, the US. Department of Public Health tested the final stages of syphilis sickness on 399 blacks in the Tuskegee area of Alabama. The unfortunate natives of the area had no idea about it and thought that the US government was providing them with new health services. The study, known as the. Tuskegee Experiment, aims to determine how long a person has been infected with syphilis and how long the disease will last. People were tested and infected to syphilis and died with painful death. Syphilis causes severe sores on the genitals, and as the disease progresses, the infection spreads throughout the body and gradually destroys tissues and organs. The year 1940 In this year, the US government infected 400 Chicago inmates with “malaria” to test the effectiveness of new drugs against this disease Complications of this disease include acute infections, and in most cases severe and sometimes prolonged, with features of intermittent fever and chills, anemia and enlargement of the spleen, and sometimes with other simple or fatal features. The importance of trying this disease and examining its complications is due to its widespread and rapid spread and death.
The year 1942 In this year, the US government examined the impact of “mustard gas” on its 4,000 troops by contaminating them with the gas; the experiment lasted until 1945. The importance of this research was that, this gas had many destructive effects on the skin, respiratory system and digestive system, and this is apart from the fact that this gas is carcinogenic. The year 1944 In this year, the U.S. military used humans to “test gas masks.” People are being heldin gas chambers and exposed to mustard gas and eosinophilia, a combination of cyanide. The year 1945 In this year, the implementation of the “Paperclip Project” by the US government was started. The project was used. Nazi fugitive scientists, and the US government in order to provide security and forgive unknown and hidden identities conducts tests. In this regard, some of these scientists were employed in laboratories producing biological factors. Also in the same year, “Program F” was launched, which examined the effect of “fluoride” on the human central nervous system.

To Be Continued…

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