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The Native American Genocide

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One of the interesting things about studying the history of American continents is the discussion of the natives of the continent and the unfriendly (!) Behavior of European immigrants with them. This audio file, attempts to give a though brief, dimensions of these behaviors:

The arrival of Native Americans on the American continent was estimated about 30000 years ago. These tribes entered the new continent during the cold and frost from Asia and from the Bering Strait. In the years that followed, civilizations such as Olmec and Aztec in North America and the Incas in South America experienced bright years, especially in the fields of architecture and art. With the arrival of whites into this new world in the year 1492, and by Christopher Columbus as a leader the Inca and Aztec civilizations, were destroyed after the killings. The killings were that much great that killed nearly 100 million Native Americans in about a century. Much of this killing was committed by US politicians who called themselves founders of human rights and peace. But unfortunately, the international community has forgotten the massacre of more than 100 million Native Americans and claimed the lives of 6 million Jews which their dimensions have not yet been proven. American usurpers have used many ways to destroy the Native American generation.

These include direct slaughter, deliberate transmission of all kinds of deadly diseases, sterilization of women, hunting Native Americans by special soldiers, forced migration and restricting them to specific places, to starving them, kidnapping and selling Native American’s children, the forced use of Native Americans in mines and farms which can be noted. Earlier in the year 1850, the California State Legislature passed a law protecting Native Americans that legitimized the abduction of slaves and their slavery. A year later, California Governor, Peter Brandt, sent a message to the state legislature that he intended to eliminate this cursed race. In this message, he said: “There is no other way for whites to continue the genocide war. Indeed, a devastating war against Native Americans has already begun. We have a duty to continue this war until this race is completely extinct. Over several centuries, Europeans were able to wipe out more than 100 million Native Americans from the continent. To better understand the greatness of this war, you can compare it with the casualties of the greatest war in human history, World War II which the total death is estimated at between 50 and 70 million. Native American history is one of the bitterest stories to date that less has been done so far.

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