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سال ۱۹۷۰ میلادی ، سلاح های بیولوژیک بر روی نژاد های به خصوصی باعث بیماری های خاصی میشدند.

سال ۱۹۷۷ میلادی ، تایید شد ۲۳۹ منطقه مسکونی در آمریکا طی سال های ۱۹۴۹ تا ۱۹۶۹ با عوامل زیستی خطرناک آلوده شده اند ، از جمله این مناطق میتوان به سانفرانسیسکو و واشنگتن اشاره کرد.

سال ۱۹۸۱ میلادی، ایالات متحده آمریکا به کوبا حمله بیولوژیک میکند که طی این حمله ……..

In The Name Of God

The United States signed the
Declaration of Independence in 1776

and was attacked by the British only once.

However, it has spent 227 years of
its 244-year history in the war

But how?

The United States at the
beginning of its sovereignty

expelled England, France, and Spain by
adopting the Monroe Doctrine Act, and

did not allow any European country to
intervene on the American continent

The United States spent 19th century in its
civil wars between the north and the south

and in the war against Mexico to capture
western states like Texas and California

Entering the 20th century,
a series of America

wars against other nations
of the world began

World War I was America's first official
entry into the international war arena

The sinking of the Lusitania ship led
to the abolition of the Monroe Doctrine

The United States claimed that Lusitania
was carrying a safe cargo and that the

Germans' attack on the Lusitania ship
during World War I had been a heinous crime

But in fact, Lusitania was heavily
armed with 1248 grenade boxes, 4927

ammunition boxes in per box 1,000
bullets and 2000 ammunition boxes

to light weapons and all the ship
documents were falsified to hide

this fact, and in this regard both
US government and England lied

Thus at the end of World War I and
at the time of determining the

winner the US entered World War
I in order to use from trophies

The process was repeated repeatedly by
the US to simulate an attack on the

American colonies and to create an excuse
to enter the pre- and post-World War

A few years later, US intervention
in World War II officially began

on December 8, 1941, just one day
after the Pearl Harbor bombing

Three days later, the United States
declared war on Germany and Italy

The leaked documents
show that Roosevelt was

aware of the Japanese
attack on Pearl Harbor

, but he did not inform
the US Army commanders in Hawaii

The Japanese military's operations against
US military positions in Pearl Harbor

made it possible and ended it with the
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

After the Korean War,
America entered the longest

war of the 20th century
means the Vietnam War

In August 1964, Johnson was ordered
to bomb North Vietnam after two US

destroyers were destroyed by North
Vietnamese fighter boats in gulf of Tonkin

The United States returned
to its country in 1973

after spending high costs
and high casualties

The final years of the 20th century
spent with the end of the Cold

War and more than 70 US military
strikes and coups around the world

After the September 11,
2001, the United States

began 21th century with
invasion of Afghanistan

The US war in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014
is a period of war that the United States

has launched it under the pretext of
Al-Qaeda's invasion of New York and Washington

Professor David Ray Griffin,
in a book titled Omissions And

Distortions of the 9/11
Commission report, investigate

the lies that the US government
said about 9/11 and present

115 evidences for rejecting
claims by US officials

Such a heavy fuss over
the invasion into twin

towers what the US ruling
regime calls Al-Qaeda

was launched that public
opinion never had the

opportunity to think
about how and why is it

Although some famous
faces such as Thierry

Meyssan by writing "The
Big Lie" book in 2002,

published much evidence about fabrication
of the September 11th attack which directed

by the US, British and
Israeli security services,

but the heavy volume
of media propaganda

still prevent from revealing the deception
on this unprecedented security scenario

After the invasion of Afghanistan,
the Iraq war began on March

20, 2003 with a US-led international
coalition attacking Iraq

Two major justifications for the
start of the war were put forward

by President George W. Bush, one
of which was Saddam Hussein's

relationship with Al-Qaeda and
the other the destruction of

Iraq's WMD (weapon of mass
destruction) under the 1991 agreement

At first the Americans invaded to Iraq
on the pretext of fighting weapons

of mass destruction, and later it
turned out that the weapons of

mass destruction they were talking
about did not exist, and Saddam had

used all the weapons they had given
to him in the war against Iran

The Americans needed
another reason to be in

Iraq after the security
agreement was completed

The formation of ISIS (Islamic State
of Iraq and the Syria) in Iraq and

Syria created enough excuses for the
continued US military presence in Iraq

In the years that followed,
however, official confessions by

US officials revealed the US
role in the creation of ISIS

However, in the following These
confessions represented a permanent

US scenario for tension, and then
entering the arena for détente

In an overview on the American wars history
can see a consistent order of being

oppressed and use of false operations and
self-made scenarios to start the American war

However, at present the US interest
process is gradually diminishing, and

the cost of recent wars has been
unimaginably higher than its profits

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